SUS1401:             Triggers for Change in the Safest Place on Earth

Speakers:            Jon Doole, CEHT; Donovan Burton


Kingborough Council in southern Tasmania recognized that climate change is a global issue that requires a local response. It continues to undertake a wide range of technical climate change impact evaluations and communication projects.  However, the identification of a meaningful implementation pathway proved elusive. See how the Triggers for Change project created a framework that has ensured the council and its staff mainstreamed climate change adaptation into its activities. Could your organization implement a similar strategy?



Tasmania, and specifically the Kingborough Council region in its south, can expect significant impacts from the effects of climate change during this century.  Whilst Tasmania has a history of being a safe haven at the bottom of the world, climate change research indicates that its population will come under significant threat.

Understanding the potential impacts from climate change is a complex task that requires a way of managing shifting science, regulatory responses, market trends as well as council and community capacity.  Effective management of climate change impacts is not a static process and as such the Triggers for Change project has allowed Kingborough to become better informed about potential risks and opportunities as they emerge over time.

The Triggers for Change Project has provided decision makers in Council with a system to track the effectiveness of any action (or inaction) over time.

Numerous indicators are measured and monitored identifying Council and the community’s vulnerability to the projected impacts of climate change. Once a predetermined threshold is met one or more general responses occurs.