Presentation:    Help! Everyone Wants My Data:  A Look at Streamlining Data Collection for Environmental Health Programs

Speakers:            Elise Rothschild, REHS/RS; and Darryl Booth


Elise Rothschild is a graduate from UC Davis with a BS in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning.  She is presently the Division Chief within the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department where she manages and supervises staff in various Environmental Health Programs.  She is currently Chairperson of the CUPA Forum Board which oversees the coordination of the Unified Programs for the State of California.   Ms. Rothschild has 25 years’ experience working in local government Environmental Health Programs.

Darryl Booth is the President of Decade Software Company. Darryl’s current focus is on the data management needs, trends, and best practices of local, state, and federal regulatory agencies.  Darryl has a MBA from the Craig School of Business and a BS in Business Administration from California State University, Fresno.  Darryl has worked in data management for over nearly thirty years and with the Environmental Health industry for eighteen.