Presentation: Flip the Fear: Food Allergen Lawsuits, Training Requirements, and Tools

Speakers: Betsy Craig; Kevin McMaster, MBA; Victoria Griffith, CP-FS; and David Crownover


Betsy Craig is the CEO and Founder of MenuTrinfo, LLC, a company dedicated to protecting lives and promoting brands by proactively building nutritionals for restaurant kitchens with confidence. Ms. Craig works to certify foodservice staff in the areas of food safety through her #1 sought after, nationally accredited, AllerTrain series of classes and webinars. Through her partnership with FARE Food Allergy Research and Education, amazing things are happening for those with food allergies in all areas of food service including restaurants, universities, K-12 and much more.

Kevin McMaster is the Director of Culinary Operations at SeaWorld San Diego with over 13 years of food and beverage experience. His team serves millions of guests per year, a fair amount of them with special dietary needs. The team at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment has a well-established program to assist these customers which he will share with you today.

Victoria Griffith is the Founder and President of Griffith Safety Group based in Washington, DC. She is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. Victoria is a food service safety expert with a proven track record of effective quality assurance systems and reducing risk and has joined MenuTrinfo's board of advisors to assist with the continued development of AllerTrain suite of award winning training products and the new AllerSTAR poster training program.

David Crownover is the Product Manager for ServSafe at the National Restaurant Association where he is responsible for the entire ServSafe Food Safety product line. Mr. Crownover has over 19 years of food safety experience including almost 17 years at Silliker Inc. Mr. Crownover has a broad understanding of food microbiology and quality assurance and food safety domestically and globally.