Presentation:    Environmental Health and Disaster Management - An International Effort for Training and Awareness

Speakers:            Tim Hatch, MPA, REHS/ RS; and Ben Ryan

Tim Hatch is a graduate of Auburn University and an 18 year veteran of environmental and public health.  He has International experience in training for disaster response and has won numerous state, regional and national awards in his profession.  Tim was the first REHS in Alabama in over 20 years (2007).

Benjamin Ryan is a PhD candidate at James Cook University, Australia; Disaster Coordinator for the Department of Health in Cairns, Queensland, Australia; and Director, Disaster Risk Reduction (Asia-Pacific), International Federation of Environmental Health.  Mr. Ryan has responded to disasters and disease outbreaks, facilitated health services for asylum seekers and worked in public health and disaster management at all levels of government in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific. This experience and expertise is guiding his research into the role public health infrastructure can play in mitigating the impact of disasters on non-communicable diseases.